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Members Pool Draw

We have a members pool draw, every Friday Night, Saturday Night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night where the winning number shall receive up to £250. Members who do not pool their number into this draw will be available as "Spares" to be purchased by any other member at a cost of 10p per number with a limit of 20 numbers per person, or a full colum, whichever is the greatest, but these are normally snapped up very quickly.

We will start Pool Draws once open, probably from Friday Evening 21st May 2021 in the usual location in the Games Room near to the Snooker Table, but this is subject to change. When queuing to pay your number or for spare numbers then please respect social distancing and follow the guidelines at all times. To reduce interaction please try and have the exact money.

We are also taking monies for Member Numbers paid Monthly. These will normally be the last monday, tuesday and wednesday of each month. But the next dates are 7th June 2021 to 9th June 2021 between 19:00 and 20:00. Please ensure you have the numbers with you that you wish to pool to ensure they are all still valid and that our documentation is up to date. See the notice board for further details.

We will start 2021 subscriptions. To ensure we have correct contact details for you please ensure you attach your details with each Membership Book. Press the Download button for a form to complete these details. These details include: Your Full Name, Full Address including Post Code, Mobile or Phone Number, Date of Birth, Sex and Occupation.

Numbers for members who have been excluded or deceased will not be paid out if already paid for in the monthly payments. No refunds will be given if you pool a number deemed to be invalid due to member being excluded or deceased.

Sun Night11/10/201301 £250PAS 1197Claimed
Sun Aft11/10/200950 £250PBMClaimed
Sat Night10/10/202655 £250PBMClaimed
Fri Night09/10/202278 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night04/10/200109 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft04/10/200370 £250PBMClaimed
Sat Night03/10/202450 £250PAS 0534Claimed
Fri Night02/10/202314 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night27/09/202548 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft27/09/200731 £250PBMClaimed
Sat Night26/09/202845 £250PBMClaimed
Fri Night25/09/201686 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night20/09/200949 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft20/09/201425 £250PAS 0107Claimed
Sat Night19/09/202614 £250PBMClaimed
Fri Night18/09/202904 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night13/09/201982 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft13/09/200530 £250PAS 0107Claimed
Sat Night12/09/201251 £250PAS 0158Claimed
Fri Night11/09/201424 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night06/09/200480 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft06/09/202982 £250PAS 0225;Claimed
Sat Night05/09/201368 £250PBMClaimed
Fri Night04/09/200172 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Night31/08/202473 £250PBMClaimed
Sun Aft30/08/201541 £250PAS 0050Claimed
Sat Night29/08/200198 £250PAS 0568Claimed
Fri Night28/08/200165 £250PAS 0225Claimed
Sun Night23/08/201243 £250PAS 0050Claimed
Sun Aft23/08/200527 £250PBMClaimed
Sat Night22/08/200173 £250PBMClaimed

PBM = Pooled by a Member:    PAS = Pooled as a Spare