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Covid Risk Assessment
Covid-19 Risk Assessment
1st May 2021
New Lodge Working Mens Club
Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It is caused by a virus called Coronavirus. Symptoms can be mild, moderate, severe or fatal.
What are the hazards? Who might be harmed  Controls Required Additional Controls Action by who? Action by when? Done
Spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus ·     Staff Staff Training Ensure rota has acceptable, minimal staffing to ensure social distancing is maintained.  One to two staff behind each bar,  waitresses providing table service in seperate areas.  (day dependent) All staff    
·     Visitors
  ·     Cleaners ·   Well for work? Staff to inform management prior to shift if feeling unwell. All staff    
  ·     Contractors Temperature check of all staff upon arrival to work.
  Staff to inform management if feeling unwell during shift.
  ·     Vulnerable groups – Elderly, Pregnant workers, those with existing underlying health conditions ·   Personal hygiene – Hand washing (also see below) All staff to be trained on mandatory hand washing between serving each customer.  Hands to be washed following collection of used glasses.  All staff    
  Employees to be reminded on a regular basis to wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap and the importance of proper drying with disposable towels. Also reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – Follow Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues will be made available throughout the workplace.
  ·     Anyone else who physically comes in to contact with you in relation to your business ·   Face masks and face screens Staff to use face masks which will be provided whilst serving/conversing with customers.  Face screens (spit guards) may be used. All staff    
    ·   Uniform Clean black shirt and black trousers/skirt to be worn whilst on shift.No aprons to be worn due to contamination. All staff    
    ·   Cleaning of surfaces Surfaces to be cleaned (disinfected) at least every fifteen minutes (bar top and sink area). All staff    
    All tables to be cleaned between customers (disinfectant spray seating).
    New beer mats to be placed between customers – only 2-6 mats per table.
    ·   Flow and Table service All staff will have a revision session on how to pull the perfect pint and customer service. All staff    
    Table service will be carried out by staff – no customers at the bar
    ·   Customer Payment options Cash Payments only until Contactless is provided. All staff    
    ·   Conflict resolution House rules are displayed.  Customers who do not comply with Covid 19 rules will be asked to leave – this is for the safety of staff and other customers. All staff    
    ·   All commiitte who are on duty to ensure they wash and sanitise their hands at regular intervals Sanitsers to be provided at Doormans Office, Chairmans box and Bingo Station Management    
    ·   All committee to ensure any monies are kept in cellophane sachets and sanitised before handing over. Sanitsers to be provided at Doormans Office, Chairmans box and Bingo Station Management    
    ·   On arrival customers to be temperature checked and asked to sanitise hands Staff request that temperatures are taken with thermometer guns. Hand sanitizer stations situated near the door/bar All    
    Social Distancing Indoor gatherings will be limited to 6 people or 2 households (each household can include a support bubble, if eligible).. All    
    Vacating the club All drinks must be finished by 23:10 No taking of drinks / open bottles or glasses out of the club after 23:00. Everyone must leave the club by 23:20 Customers should not congregate at the door when leaving. They should respect social distancing at all times and wear face masks until they leave the club premises. All    
    ·   Customers asked to seat in restricted areas and not move any furniture Staff to take table orders and request payment  All    
    ·   Customers requested to write contact details on a note pad as per Government guidance NHS Barcode to be scanned or Note to be written – staff to keep behind the bar – confidential information and for DP purposes will be destroyed after 21 days.  All information to be held by the secretary. Information to be kept in the safe/office (locked) All    
    ·   Customers requested to use sanitised towels and ‘wipe down’ areas following toilet use. ‘Wet wipes’ will be used to wipe down door handle, tap and toilet button/handle. All    
    ·   Face Masks Face masks to be worn at all times except when seated at a table drinking. The only exception is to customers who have are exempt. They must show this exception certificate to the authorities if required. Failure to do this could result in a hefty fine All    
    ·   Glasses not to be re-used Staff to ensure ALL used glasses are washed and dried before re-use.      
    Social Distancing        
    ·   Signage to inform customers of social distancing rules Define maximum capacity for 1 or 2 meters distancing.  Use of club ‘full’ sign, etc Management    
    ·   Clearly marked seating arrangements Low tack tape to be used on flooring. Management    
    Seating to be reduced to reflect distancing and side by side seating to be encouraged
    ·   Floor markings in corridor for toilet use. Both toilets to be used at any one time to avoid queues. Management    
    ·   Ensure rooms are well ventilated Open windows and doors (where possible) Management    
    Prop open the Main doors if possible
    ·   Signage of how to wash hands correctly displayed in each toilet area. NHS poster (laminate and display)  Management  
    ·   Toilets checked and sanitised every 30 minutes Recorded and displayed.  Member of staff to wear appropriate PPE to wipe down handles, sinks, and toilet basins. Management    
    Snooker and Pool Tables        
    ·   Personal cues or loan cues only to be allowed It is the responsibility of the owner of the cue to sanitise effectively before and after use as well as the locker. Sharing of pool cues must be kept to a minimum. Club cues to be kept behind the bar and cleaned after every use. All    
    ·   Cues, rests and balls to be cleaned before and after every game Sanisters and disposal bin provided All    
    Number of Players Up to four players can play but only one player at the table at a time, Others must be seated, maintaining social distancing at all times All    
    ·   Drinks and Food No drinks or food should be placed onto or near the table. All    
    ·   Table to be wiped before and after every game Sanister towelss and disposal bin provided All    
    ·   Competition Games Where tables are used for competitions, organisers/team captains should be required to take responsibility for social distancing and hand hygiene of players. After competition use the tables will require a deep clean of surfaces, cues, balls, chalk and rack Management    
    Hygiene Coins, Cues,  Towels should not be left on the table. No sitting on the table. Management    
    Bandit Machines      
    ·    Distance to be kept between machiines Only one person at each machine seperated by spacer All    
    ·   Surfaces to be wiped before and after every player Sanister towels and disposal bin provided All    
    Card Games        
    ·    Distance to be kept for all players Maximum four players at each corner of the large table only. No spectators All    
    ·    Cards Customers to provide their own cards and must ensure they take them away after every session. All    
    ·    Distance to be kept Maximum two players per games. No spectators All    
    ·    Darts Customers to provide their own darts and must ensure they take them away after every session. All    
    ·   Surfaces to be wiped before and after every game Sanister towels and disposal bin provided All    
    ·    Social Distancing to be set for all tables Maximum two players per table. This can be relaxed if players are in their own bubble. Customers to ensure they do not flout these restrictions. All    
    ·    Tombola Cards Tobola books may be sold by the committee instead of cards or muiltple cards to be sold at the same time where possible. All    
    ·    Winnings Winners to be handed their winnings in a celophane wallet which will be sanitised. All